Jennifer Magley Appointed Chief Brand Officer for BSL and TBL, Bringing Unparalleled Expertise in Talent Placement and Leadership Development

Renowned brand advocate, speaker, and former professional athlete Jennifer Magley takes on a new role as Chief Brand Officer, leveraging her extensive career in talent recruitment and leadership development.

The Basketball League and Basketball Super League are proud to announce the appointment of Jennifer Magley as the Chief Brand Officer (CBO). With a dynamic background as a brand advocate, speaker, writer, and former NCAA Division I head coach, Jennifer brings a wealth of experience to her new role.

As a seasoned professional in talent recruitment, partnership relations, and contract negotiations, Jennifer has made significant contributions to the professional landscape. Her remarkable career has seen her successfully place top talent at Fortune-level companies, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Jennifer’s transition from NCAA Division I head coach to Media Consulting showcases her adaptability and unique skill set. In her consulting role, she empowered successful individuals to become unstoppable forces in their respective fields, drawing upon her coaching background to unlock their full potential.

A dedicated Keynote Speaker and Consultant for over a decade, Jennifer has delivered 100+ empowering talks on Professional Development, Personal Branding, and Networking. Her insightful presentations have made her a sought-after figure in leadership and personal growth.

In 2021, Jennifer further demonstrated her versatility by taking on the role of Host for the United Nations Global Film Festival. Her captivating presence also earned her the position of Master of Ceremonies for the prestigious Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, solidifying her reputation as an engaging public figure.

Jennifer’s exceptional leadership has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her recognition as “Woman of The Year” by the Pass The Torch for Women Foundation. This accolade is a testament to her commitment to empowering women in various professional spheres.

Her media presence has garnered national attention, with coverage in prominent outlets such as USA Today, CNN, ESPN, and US News & World Report. This recognition underscores Jennifer’s impact on the sports, coaching, and business communities, establishing her as a thought leader and influencer.

In addition to her media engagements, Jennifer is a contributor and the author of the top-selling book, “How to Be Queen-A Leadership Fable.” This modern adaptation of The Tortoise and The Hare addresses workplace gaslighting intricacies, reflecting her keen insights into leadership dynamics and providing valuable resources for navigating professional complexities.

In her role as Chief Brand Officer for BSL and TBL, Jennifer Magley is set to bring her unparalleled expertise to drive the brands forward, connecting top talent with unprecedented opportunities both onstage and in the corporate world.

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